TechLoop Logo Speed Video

I am constantly overwhelmed by how basic geometrical shapes can be used to develop new abstract ideas that breath life into the creative process. TechLoop Speed video shows this principle at work. In the process of making the video I learnt a few things that helped me stream line the process. For instance the initial design had lot of cuts and slices, clippings and blurs. This was essentially based on the need to create the shadows at the intersections. However from this process the logo was achieved with no cuts whatsoever, no clippings or blurs. This made the logo more maintainable and easily convertible to black and white. Here is the video



Please note that when making a professional logo you should pay more attention to details such as kerning or tracking, this video is just to help you learn. Thanks for reading or watching and if you find the content on this blog helpful please do share, comment or like.


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| February 5, 2019