So Where Have You Been?

We have been a bit quiet, and I am sure a few of you have been wondering why. Apart from the barrage of client projects and tricky deadlines that we all have to deal with, Alama Creative has been transforming and morphing into something bigger. We have been working on forming a collective creative agency with a few other agencies and this has taken a big toll on the time and resources we can allocate for the creation of content for this blog. Even our portfolio updates have taken a hit. But it’s not all lost, we will be resuming our normal sharing ways as we go through December.
The best part about this whole collective agency thing is that we are now bigger and better with a whole new team of creative minds ready to share some amazing stuff. We are committed to keeping the faith and finishing this race of growing the Kenyan creative community. So let’s keep sharing the inspiration and doing amazing work.

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| November 26, 2017