Musings on the new Delmonte Rebrand

Maybe this article should have been titled, ‘how not to do a rebrand’. The first time I saw the rebrand, someone was showing it to me and he had joked, “Don’t buy Delmonte in Githurai 😂,” sorry Githurai peeps. I was so shook until my ‘informer’ clarified, it was a rebrand and not a fake product. So why did I so quickly believe that the product is fake, could it be the new font that defines the flavour or the light green color that’s in stark contrast to the former dark green? One thing’s for sure, I just can’t seem to get over that new font. So if you haven’t seen the new packs, here’s how they look:
Apologies for the image quality



My Thoughts

 For the old pack, In my opinion, the font feels classier and overall, the layout doesn’t feel like so many things were being squeezed in. The refreshing new taste banner – was it necessary?

For the new pack,
• The top part of the pack has changed to a lighter green and the illustration of the leaf is no longer there. The brand name is also bigger.
• The font defining the flavour has changed
• The image on the pack has changed as well. It does look better-ish
• The USPs are also bigger and written in the new font


 **overall, the new pack feels like there’s a lot going on, there’s not a lot of negative space
According to the matcherator at fontspring, the best likely match to the new font is Hogfish font. It feels playful and unfinished, almost like a font you would use on kids’ products. Other fonts that are a close match are: Motel Xenia and sinzano. The old font looks like Adelon serial font, other possible matches could be Sava pro, Bookish or Tautz, it doesn’t seem to exactly match any of these though. The older font feels classier, I prefer it for the product.
Then, why would you replace those misty leaves at the top of the old pack with a light green plain color that’s not easy on the eye? Plus what’s this atrocity on the side of the pack?


 They probably have their reasons for the rebrand, I would be very interested in finding out what they are. I mean, aren’t consumers part of the brand’s journey?
I haven’t seen any communication from the brand locally apart from the banner changer on their Facebook page: DelMonteKe (the site isn’t opening ), on why they chose to rebrand and why this direction. As far as I know, nothing had been communicated so it caught consumers unaware. Internationally though, it seems they have been rebranding and there are different packs for different markets, ours though seems less desirable. I also heard from a little birdie that the rebrand wasn’t done locally, what was the objective? I don’t know, I’m just not sure it was necessary. A number of global brands take this approach when branding or designing, sometimes good solutions can actually come from the market the product is being sold.
The rebrand feels like a step backwards, what’s your opinion? Share it in the comments section below.

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| December 10, 2018