How a Good Website Helped us Build our Brand


The digital revolution is steadily becoming one of the hallmarks of the 21st century. From the surge of social media to the predominance of websites becoming the primary visibility channel for most businesses, the importance of having a good website cannot be overstated. It is vital for brands to position themselves online as reliable and professional destination for their potential clients.
Here at Alama, having a professional website and a consistent social media presence, has helped us build a solid digital brand. This encourages potential customers and repeat clients to engage with us, be confident of our service offering and help develop long-term relationships. So let us explore a few fundamental benefits of having a good online presence:


Google Search and credibility

We live in an age of connectivity and mass information. Nowadays, people login using their social media accounts. They use review websites before they engage with a service provider or product. Having a professional and clear online presence creates much needed credibility for your brand. People tend to trust people or companies that they can find information about. It’s good to note that 89% of potential clients search online for a business before they even email or call.
We set up our website in late 2015. The site has a well detailed about page and service’s sections which helps potential customers feel they are dealing with an open book. Our clients know who we are and understand what they are getting; which is great for our brand. In addition, our social media profiles are linked to our website, which creates confidence that we are real people.
Therefore, if you are not online, chances are people will be suspicious of whatever it is you are offering. Your potential clients are likely to move on to the next person who makes them feel more comfortable or more credible. Your website will help you build trust; note that.


good website

The Age of Convenience


We are the generation that wants it easy and fast; with no paper work or questions asked. We want our screens to do much of the heavy lifting, don’t we? We want to access information when we want to and that could just be 2 o’clock in the morning. Having an online presence ensures potential clients have access to your business 24/7. This creates convenience and accessibility for them. They don’t have to go out or call or email to find out if you are the perfect fit for their wishes.
We found that clients would communicate with us at their most convenient hour; which most of the time, was beyond working hours. By having an online presence, they would send their inquiries any time they wanted, and we would respond during normal working hours the following day.
Potential customers will browse online until they find what they are looking for. So imagine the horror of you not being online! You won’t be able to give them these convenience and end up with zero chances for conversion.


good website

Marketing tool


Your website is your 24-hour marketing and sales tool. Being found means more customers meaning more cash for you. In addition, a website breaks down barriers and borders. It gives your business access to people you would never have met at the local duka. Having a website enables you to target a wider market, and work with clients from different countries and continent’s. This is quite cool especially if you are dealing with digital products.
Our online presence has enabled us to serve clients who are in different parts of the world and different regions in our country. Without it, we wouldn’t have ventured so far. Remember, these online channels are great advertising tools and do have good results if you use them wisely.
So don’t brush over the importance of having a solid website and consistent social media profiles. They can make or break your business. So let’s see you online, ama namna gani?
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| May 8, 2017