Designing a Gradient Logo with Shadows in Illustrator

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Adobe Illustrator is one of the best tools to design logos in. Today I will show you how to make a gradient logo with intersecting shadows in Adobe Illustrator. I have learnt some of the techniques from the Dansky channel which you can check out, he has some cool stuff you can learn from.
Here is the video on our YouTube Channel, if you prefer reading keep scrolling.


Shape Building

Let’s begin by creating the basic structure, start with a straight line 350px in height. This will be used to vertically distribute the design rows. Draw 3 rows, 600px by 50px each. Then vertically distribute them center along the straight line. Duplicate one of the rows and rotate it 90 degrees. Make three copies and evenly align them. Rotate the three columns by -25 degrees.
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Now get the Ellipse tool and draw a circle 200px by 200px. Remove the fill and give it a stroke of 50px. Align the Stroke to Inside and Place as shown. Duplicate the Ellipse, select both and go to Object> Path> Outline Stroke.
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Select all the shapes and grab the shape builder tool and while pressing ALT subtract or remove the parts we do not need.
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Once we have our basic shape, select the vertical columns and the mid row and using the pathfinder divide tool, slice up the shape even more and ungroup. Once done use the Pathfinder unite tool to combine the outer parts of the shape while leaving the inner columns sliced and independent. Let’s add our color or gradient and tweak it to our liking.
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Applying the Shadows

The next step will be to apply our shadows. The importance of leaving some of the parts independent will now be seen. Using the Ellipse tool, create a circle and fill with black. Blur by a radius of 30 pixels. Place it where we want our shadow to appear. Copy the Independent part of our shape (The Sliced columns). Re-select the blurred circle and go to the Transparency window and hit Make Mask. Click on the Black mask and press CTRL+F for paste in front. Also select invert mask. By Pasting in front the Shape we copied only shows the shadow where we want it to. Do the same for the other parts where our shadow appears. Remember to copy the sliced shape first.
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Once the shadows are placed, change the blending mode to multiply. We can unclip the Masks in the Transparency window and tweak them to our liking using the Direct selection tool
Remember to Clip back the shadow mask to the shape. This is very important especially if you are going to resize the logo. Set the opacity to something lower than 100% but higher than 30%
Group your shadows and select the entire shape. Use Shift + Select to deselect the shadows. Go to path finder and Unite the shape. If the Gradient changes just tweak it.
Finally apply your word-mark, I used the Kirvy Font for this example. Resize the shape to be proportional to the text and we are done. And thats how we made the Sifanii Gradient logo with shadows in Adobe illustrator.
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Please note that when making a professional logo you should pay more attention to details such as kerning or tracking, this tutorial is just to help you learn. Thanks for reading or watching and if you find the content on this blog helpful please do share, comment or like.


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| May 18, 2017