Creating a C Maze Logo with the Shape Builder Tool

C Maze Logo

The shape builder tool (SBT) in Adobe illustrator is quite an intuitive tool that I have found quite handy when creating new shapes. The Tool easily allows you to add, subtract or combine shapes or paths on your art-board.You can do this by creating overlapping shapes or paths and then selecting the them. Then activate the SBT through Shift+M and then dragging over your selection. This will add or combines the shapes. To activate the subtraction mode simply press Alt or Options on your key board as you carry out the action. During the Add Mode the tool displays a small + on the cursor pointer, in the subtraction mode the cursor has a small minus.


C-Maze Speed Video

This is one of the most useful Illustrator tools that I have personally found to be quite easy to work with but gives you a wide array of possibilities. Here is a speed video where I make a C Maze logo primarily using the Shape builder tool. The process would have been significantly difficult and longer using other tools but as you can see this tool has our back.


Hope this article and short video helped you in some way, If you would like us to work on any particular tool or topic do let us know via our email or do leave a comment below.

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| April 27, 2017