Artist Feature – Kizuri Graphics

For this weeks inspiration we have an Artist feature looking at some of the amazing Logo Design work done by Kizuri Graphics. Paul, who runs Kizuri believes less is more. Check out their Instagram account and do give them a like or follow.







My name is Paul Wanjoeh and I run Kizurigraphics. I am inspired by how an idea can turn in to a brand that is recognized around the world. A great example is Apple, it started with a discussion that grew to what it is today. What’s my design style? LESS IS MORE. My design process starts with a lot of research. From this I am able to get a storyboard going ( not usually a big board with marks and all) but putting ideas down on a A3 piece of paper and printing it out so as to visualize and understand what direction I want to take. Thereafter, take a three hour coffee break to let everything marinate. This helps me come up with a few sketches on my notebook and slowly proceed to illustrator ( which takes over 16 hours before I am happy with the work).


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| September 11, 2017