2017: An amazing and intense year

So 2017 has slowly but surely come to a close, for me it’s been a roller coaster ride full of some incredible highs and gut wrenching lows that sometimes made you rethink your design career choice. But overall it’s been a good year to learn. One thing that stood out for me is that the only consistent thing is constant change, and it comes knocking every now and again dressed up in a way that you couldn’t even fathom. So what are some of my key highlights?

Working in a team leads to great work

Collaborations are the key to meaningful and profitable projects. They enable you to see things from a drastically different point of view that you might not have thought of before. Collaborations create avenues through which creatives can listen to each other, share ideas, challenge each other and use individual strengths for a greater good which in most cases is to produce bold beautiful and functional content for our clients. I wasn’t personally used to working in a big team but when the opportunity availed itself I quickly learned that good team dynamics led to a sense of belonging and a strong sense of importance which fostered a culture of ownership and accountability amongst our members.
Furthermore, a good team created a safety net and a support system that ensured that the success of our company was no longer just dependent on a single individual.


You will make mistakes, own them and work your ass off to solve them.

2017 mistakes were harsh and brutal, they taught me a certain level of professionalism and attention to detail was needed in order to produce high end work. Any lapse could lead to disastrous results not only for yourself but also for your client. Once mistakes occurred as they surely would I had to learn to see them as opportunities, opportunities to improve my problem solving and client service skills. That’s what your clients pay you for any way, to solve problems. Don’t shrink, step up.

Kapu, share it

Genuinely sharing what you know opens up doors that you never even knew existed. When we set up Kapu by Alama in May I never expected it to turn into a collaborative and networking avenue that led me to work with other creatives. It turns out that sharing is actually and truly caring. Every post, every tutorial, every inspiration article created an invaluable link to some of the most creative minds in the country. It also helped me realize the need to produce more Afrocentric design paradigms and content has never been more apparent.


Be consistent, be true to your passion.

In an era of quick fixes and overnight fame sometimes the values of consistency and constant improvement are often overlooked. We want it all and we want it too quick. We tend to forget that good things and meaningful things take time. 2017 reminded me to slowly work on perfecting my craft, improving my skills and working hard to build up my mind. It taught me that it won’t happen overnight but it will happen eventually. So hang in there.
All in all, 2017 has been amazing and intense. I hope 2018 will be greater. So how was your 2017? What impacted you the most?

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| December 31, 2017