17 Inspiring Food & Product Photographers Upping the Game- Part 3

We’re finally on part 3 of this blog series but we feel like this list could go on and on. There are quite a number of inspiring food & product photographers doing fantastic work, we just couldn’t list them all. This series celebrates those people pushing the boundaries and always seeking to do good work. Check out part 1 and part 2. Also, we share 2 groups that you could join with similar minded individuals, a bonus to the 17 individuals :). Happy Reading!


Karl Taylor is renown for his many tutorials on portraiture  and fashion. He’s been teaching photography for many years now and he also has some very good courses on food and product photography. Besides teaching, he’s also an excellent product photographer with a keen eye for detail. You will definitely want to see his work. We are beneficiaries of his tutorials!

Image/ Karl Taylor


Sarah is a food photographer and stylist from Egypt. Her work is so vibrant we love immersing ourselves in it from time to time. Some of our favourite photos are the ones she’s done for Nescafe. She’s worked on the Nescafe brand for a couple of years now. When I worked at an agency, I handled Nestle and we used her photos for world coffee day collateral! Here’s her work.

Image/ Sarah Sibrahim


Roldan is a product photographer who has perfected shooting beverages especially beer. The imagery he creates is great but so are the stories behind the shots. He is able to use color really well to bring out great looking photos. See his work.

Image/Belisario Roldan



Anna is a commercial food photographer and stylist from Russia. We got to know her from the food tutorials she did with Karl Taylor. She is very thorough and pays attention to all the details. Having worked for many brands, she definitely understands what is needed for advertorial photography. Here’s her work.

Image/Anna Pustynnikova + Karl Taylor


Patrick Gitau is a Kenyan food and product photographer. He has worked with various restaurants, bloggers and Yummy Magazine, a local foodie magazine. He has also recently ventured into motion work- some really good effort there. His work is the right mix of moody, vibrance and colour, you should definitely look it up.

Image/Patrick Gitau


Photigy on Facebook and Instaphotigy on Instagram is a great product photography community that brings together some of the best product and food photographers around the world. Lot’s of photographers share their work on these groups sometimes with BTS images that help you when you intend on shooting the same product.


Workphlo is another community on Facebook for photographers interested in product photography. Photographers get to share their work, ask for input in their projects and learn from each other. Photographers also get to benchmark their work with those of other photographers.

We would love to hear who inspires you as well, share in the comments below.

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| July 12, 2019